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Semi-Friends Only

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I live to write; I write to live.

Without words, nothing would have any meaning.

This is my journal-for-everything. Fic is public, and will always be public. Original fiction is friendslocked, and are most entries that don't contain fic. Comment if you want to be added. I don't bite.

Fanfiction from 2005-2010
( Ace Attorney ) ( Bleach ) ( Final Fantasy VII ) ( Fullmetal Alchemist ) ( Gakuen Heaven ) ( Gundam Wing ) ( Katekyo Hitman Reborn! ) ( Ouran High School Host Club ) ( Prince of Tennis )( Sengoku BASARA ) ( Saiyuki ) ( Miscaellaneous Fandoms (Trigun, Naruto) ) ( Multiple Fandoms/Crossovers ) ( Original Fiction (Terribad from 2006 or so) )

Fanfiction from 2010-present
( Comics (DC/Marvel) ) ( Inception (+1 RPF) ) ( Lord of the Rings ) ( Lord of the Rings RPF ) ( RPF-Inspired Crossovers ) ( Misc Fandoms (GoT RPF, Sharpe) )

[identity profile] helena-s-renn.livejournal.com 2012-01-04 02:54 pm (UTC)(link)
Hi! I was wondering if you'd friend me back. I'd like to read your original fiction.

[identity profile] evocates.livejournal.com 2012-01-04 03:00 pm (UTC)(link)
holy. it's been forever since i checked this page.

and sure thing, added! i have to say that my original fics are kind of really terrible because i wrote them a long, long time ago. just. a warning in advance.

[identity profile] helena-s-renn.livejournal.com 2012-01-04 07:10 pm (UTC)(link)
Sorry to bother - still locked out.

[identity profile] evocates.livejournal.com 2012-01-04 07:19 pm (UTC)(link)
/kills LJ

please try again?

[identity profile] evocates.livejournal.com 2012-01-04 03:01 pm (UTC)(link)
OH MY GOD. I've never gotten the notif for this, I'm so sorry!

If you're still interested, I added you. I am so, so sorry about this.

[identity profile] halfthewords.livejournal.com 2012-12-20 04:07 am (UTC)(link)

[identity profile] halfthewords.livejournal.com 2012-12-20 04:09 am (UTC)(link)
HOW DID YOU KNOW..............

[identity profile] evocates.livejournal.com 2012-12-20 04:11 am (UTC)(link)
Sierra (halfthewords)

Oh you.

[identity profile] halfthewords.livejournal.com 2012-12-20 04:40 am (UTC)(link)


and i have not used it in like a year you took my virginity

(Anonymous) 2013-07-21 02:56 am (UTC)(link)
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[identity profile] leanne-opaskar.livejournal.com 2013-08-23 08:14 pm (UTC)(link)
You write Ouran *and* FFVII? Please do add me, I'd like to read -- and your work comes highly recommended.

[identity profile] evocates.livejournal.com 2013-08-24 04:20 am (UTC)(link)
Yes I do! You don't have to be added to read them, though - all of my fics are open to public. But I added you anyway. 8D

Just curious - where did you see my fics being recommended? I'm always curious about how people find my older fics.

[identity profile] leanne-opaskar.livejournal.com 2013-08-24 06:24 pm (UTC)(link)
Thanks for the add! Mm. [livejournal.com profile] kyouyatamaki, I think, on a really old post there. I have kind of been trawling it for the past few days. ^_^;

[identity profile] evocates.livejournal.com 2013-08-25 01:54 am (UTC)(link)
Oh wow, you must have gone back really far, then! I don't think the Ouran fandom remembers me anymore. 8D

Enjoy the fics, lovely!