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honestly, yours.
If I don't get a little time by myself every day, it makes me uncomfortable. I really need that. Even if it's a minute or two.
Viggo Mortensen
I write. I write a lot. I live and breathe words: every second, every minute, everyday. I don't like talking about my personal life.

(This is an escape from it.)

I don't reach out to people much. I'm usually distant - I'll admit it freely - until I get to know you then you will realize just what sort of person I am; just how flawed and human I am. When you get close, I will hold on to you for as long as you let me. I will never force you. I will try to convince and persuade you to stay, but if you want to go, it's always your choice.

I judge, but I try not to. I'm trying to become a better person - it's an endless process, I think. I'm still learning, and I'm still insensitive. I don't know much about emotions; it's the spot in the map that's uncharted, labelled with 'here be monsters'.

Anything else you want to know of me, know from my stories.
Previously known as the_dw.
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It's all up to you.

Header image is 'Still Life - Fast Moving' by Salvador Dali.
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